Operation Red Hat

The Army leased 41 acres on Johnston Island in 1971 to store chemical weapons formerly held in Okinawa, which were transferred to the atoll from Okinawa during Operation Red Hat in 1971. Phase I of Operation Red Hat took place in January and moved 150 tons of mustard agent munitions to Johnston Atoll without incident. Phase II moved the remainder of the munitions, about 12,500 tons, in September.

AFRTS 1975-76

I was assigned to Johnston Island from 1975 to 1976 and worked at AFJI (99.5 FM) and AFTV during those years. In early ’76, it was decided to close down the AFRTS LIVE Broadcasting venue. We moved the TV Station and the FM Transmitter to a building near the Post Office on the Main Street. We broadcast a “FINAL FAREWELL” to our JI listeners. When I arrived, AFRTS was located in the JOC (Joint Operations Command) Building at the north end of the island. I want to say it was on the third floor, but I might be incorrect on that one. Air Force COL. Gilbert Martinez was the Base Commander at the time.

Robert “Doc” Streeter (Quack Quack)