Communications and Building JI

Communications – History of JI Telephone Systems United States Of America

The United States Undersea Cable Corporation were awarded two more contracts, the first known as “Wet Wash A” ran between the Philippines and Vietnam, laid in 1964 by CS Neptune (3). 696 nm of cable and 41 repeaters were laid between the US Naval Station, San Miguel and Nha Trang, Vietnam. CS Store Nordiske (2) belonging to the Great Northern Telegraph Company surveyed the route. The second cable laid in 1966 and known as “Wet Wash C” ran between Makua, Oahu, Hawaii and the US Air Force base on Johnston Island. CS Neptun (3) surveyed the route and laid 769 nm of cable and 45 repeaters. These cables were manufactured by the Simplex Wire and Cable Company with the repeaters being supplied by Felten and Guilleaume.

Building Johnston Island