List Of Some Of The Best Romantic Novels To Read Now 



Light up your candles, make your bed cozy and grab on to one of these novels for some of the best romance fantasies of all time. Romance in novels is like poetry, beautiful to read. If you are interested in finding a few top picks for romance novels, keep reading the information below. 

Top romantic novels of all time 

The Proposal, by Jasmine Guillory 

She did an excellent job in The proposal. The romantic and fun writing style has left fans and readers in awe. Writer classes and groups have made the book a favorite read, and it is read in book clubs. The story is about a freelance writer whose boyfriend proposes during a dodger’s game but cannot spell her name right. A video clip goes viral, and the gal has to figure whether or not he was the right pick?

Gone with the wind, by Margaret Mitchel

More than 30 million copies of the book have been printed since 90’s. Once you dive into the book, you will understand the depth of the writing and how exactly so many people ended up liking the book this much. The Civil war saga book includes a love story between two characters that had left readers in butterflies. 

The notebook, by Nicholas Sparks 

Noah and Allie live a wonderful romance in the book and the movie. The book struck readers the first time and has been reigning since 1996. The two love birds had been separated in the book, and after many letters and writing, they unite again. 

Ending thoughts 

As discussed, these are the three topmost favorite romance novels of all time. Their movies may have reached top records, but the books will always be precious. So go now and devour the books and excite yourself over the love stories.