Mars: Some Fascinating Things NASA Discovered


Mars, the planet we all know exists, or does it? Nasa has to be on the run for finalizing the discovery on whether or not Mars has life on itself. Mars has been a point of interest for many scientists that have lived on Earth. Keep reading to find more regarding the planet and what NASA has found.

Facts about Mars From NASA

The red planet

Mars is known as the Warm Red planet at NASA because of the primary color of the planet. It comes from the chemical called iron oxide (rust) and is found everywhere on the planet. In between the soil, stones, and structure. The rust shows up almost red-ish toned, giving the name to the planet.

Super cold

On mars, temperatures can go as low as -140 degrees. Mars is at a greater distance from the sun. Allowing the planet to experience super cold temperatures even colder than on Earth’s and what all of us are used to. If the human race were ever to shift to Mars, they would be bringing loads of jackets.

Less gravity

NASA discovered Mars to have more gravity than that of Earth. Meaning when you walk, you would be taking six steps higher than what you could on Earth. The weaker the gravity exists, the high up closer to the sky humans get to be. Mars, having lesser gravity, would mean humans would be jumping around in the air.

Days on Mars

A day on Mars would last about 24 hours and 37 minutes. Meaning one year on Mars would last about 687 days. That is a long year!

Ending thoughts

As discussed, Mars is quite the exceptional striker, and the facts seem unreal. Who knew humans try to discover life on other planets let alone all of these facts. And who knows, maybe in 50 years from now, we would be on Mars.