Memories from David J. Harrington 1974-75

Good Afternoon,

Well, it’s good to see your site. It even has contributions from several of the folks with whom I served. I’m happy to see that Doc Streeter and Ken Rogge are still with us.

I worked at AFRTS (3rd Floor JOC Building) from Dec 1974 through Dec 1975. During that time, Air Force personnel were only assigned to J.I. for a year, while the Army troops were arbitrarily extended for up to a year and a half. So during my time, each position was filled by at least two people. Although I spent some time in TV, most of my time was spent as NCOIC of radio operations. It has been over thirty years – some memories are fuzzy – so forgive any mistakes.

As I remember it, I worked with Igor, Olivia Newton-John, Army Sgt. Preston Clough, La Costa, Charles Osgood, and Paul Harvey. I hosted the Small Hole Record Club and after midnight, visited the O-Zone. But, wait, that wasn’t real. It was radio.

In the real world, the AFRTS staff included MSgt. Bob Hoewriter (station manager #1), TSgt. Andy Anderson (station manager #2), SSgt. Keith Hill, (Program Director – Radio #1), TSgt. Carl Sargent (Program Director – Radio #2), SSgt. Gaylen Evans (Program Director – TV #1), SSgt. Tom Orlik (Program Director -TV #2), Spec. Alan D. Smith (TV operations), and Spec. Bob Beyette (Chief Announcer). Our engineers were MSgt. John Campbell and SSgt. Bob Hooks.

Carl Sargent, Doc Streeter & Jim Roberts 1975 AFTV

We depended on volunteers to keep three stations on the air more than 8 hours per day. Jeff Chavers did an immensely popular country show. Jim Roberts became our meteorologist for the Dimensional News. Several announcers wore red hats. Spec. Greg (Moondog) Mumpower and Spec. Kim (The Roadrunner) Penfold, come to mind. Over in TV, Jay Rudko and Tom Young did stints on camera and occasional air shifts.

TSgt. Ken Rogge and Doc Streeter (I don’t remember his real name, let alone his rank or branch of service, sigh) came along toward the end of my tour, so I remember them mostly from photographs.

Several years ago, I put together a CD-ROM full of Johnston Atoll memorabilia for the Johnston Island Survivors Association (which didn’t survive, go figure.). It consisted of stuff I had collected while on the island and, later – much later – from the internet. I see where your site and the CD have several photos in common. Diseased minds think alike.

At any rate, you’re welcome to anything on the CD (you may need to get clearance from the original sources) for your site. I’ll try to get the info transferred to a CD-ROM before my operating system crumbles again, and if you’ll give me an address, I’ll get it into the mail.

Over the years, I have kept in contact with Andy Anderson, Tom Young and Jay Rudko. I’d appreciate if you’d let me know how I might contact Ken Rogge, Doc Streeter, or any other AFRTS personnel.

By the way, I’ve attached a photo of the world famous Dimensional News from 6 or 7 November 1975. Why would a radio guy have photos of TV when all of the good looking people were in radio? Beats me.