People I Remember

As I start this project, I am trying to remember names of people that I met on JI from 1975-76. If your name isn’t listed here, it’s only because I am too old and forgetful to remember, no slight intended. I remember LOTS of faces, but I can’t seem to put names with them all. My roommate was named JOE SCOTT and he was from New York City. We caught up with one another about a year after we left this island. According to Keith Eichenlaub he is living somewhere in NY, near the PA border as working as a Dairy Inspector – – Joe, if you’re out there, email me! HOWEVER, if you served on JI during that time frame, I would LOVE to hear from you. Write to me at DOC STREETER. I will add to this list as my memory allows.

  • “Jungle” Jim Schwilling
  • Ken Rogge – AFRTS
  • Carl Sargent
  • Dave Haygood
  • Tom Swanson
  • Col. Gilbert Martinez – Base Commander: Interesting sidebar that I never knew until now. In doing some research I discovered that Col Martinez (as a Major in 1970) actually had to EJECT out of an SR-71.
  • Jonathan Clopton
  • Jeff “Country Cuz” Chavers
  • Stephen West (NAUI Instructor)
  • Steve Lombard – AFRTS
  • Ralph Sabatino
  • Andy Anderson -AFRTS
  • Keith Eichenlaub – MP
  • Joe Scott – My Roommate
  • Tom Orlick – AFRTS
  • Bob Beyette – AFRTS
  • Harry Laquintano – Marina Manager
  • Bob Hooks – AFRTS Engineer
  • Jim Campbell – AFRTS Engineer
  • Dave Harrington – NCOIC – AFJI Radio
  • Jim Roberts – AFTV Weather Man

Photo Gallery of Place I Remember