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Operation Red Hat The Army leased 41 acres on Johnston Island in 1971 to store chemical weapons formerly held in Okinawa, which were transferred to the atoll from Okinawa during Operation Red Hat in 1971. Phase I of Operation Red Hat took place in January and moved 150 tons of mustard agent munitions to Johnston […]

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JI Life in the 1950’s, aerial photos Courtesy of Bill Knopp 1958 – The Coast Guard LORAN Station at Johnston Island began transmitting on a 24-hour basis, thus establishing a new LORAN rate in the Central Pacific. The new rate between Johnston Island and French Frigate Shoal gave a higher order of accuracy for fixing […]

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Important Date in Johnston Island (JI) History – The 40’s 15 August 1941 – Johnston Island U.S. Naval Air Facility 1 July 1948 – Administered by U.S. Air Force. Read S. Leo Richardson’s Memories of Life on JI in 1946 Read Jim Devine’s Memories of Life on JI in 1944 An Air Mail Letter from […]

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