Some Of The Most Alluring Historical Facts You Wish You Knew Before


Our world is full of rich culture, intriguing history, and nature. With all the time our planet has experienced, we get to see extravagant facts about the past. History is appealing at all times. Keep reading to find a few of the most alluring ancient facts you probably did not know of before.

Historical sayings about the past

Turkeys were like gods.

You read that correctly. Yes, turkeys were honored as gods. They were believed to be representing status and prestige. The Mayan people were one of the first few to worship these animals and honor them in a god-like way. They believed to have prayed to turkeys because of their long and thick feathers.

Alexander the Great

Alexander the great was once buried alive. Alexander the great had suffered a disease known as Guillain-Barrè syndrome. He may have gone into a coma, and doctors were unaware of the condition and perceived him to be dead. He was then buried alive, and when doctors came to know about the symptoms, they realized he was paralyzed and mentally aware.

Arrested pig

In the year 1380, a pig was found guilty of allegedly attacked a child who could no longer recover from the wounds. The pig was under arrest, found guilty, put in prison, and taken to court for execution. The pig was on trial in the court, and when found guilty, was hanged.

Shortest war

The shortest war ever lasted nearly forty minutes. The war between Great Britain and Zanzibar in 1896 and war was won by the British.

Ending thoughts

As concluded, these are some of the most intriguing historical facts. They seem completely ridiculous and untrue. However, that is not the case. It comes to show how humans evolved through generations and formed the world in which we are at today.